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20mm Holder Led Lens

Horizont. 20000lux at height of 100mm. A combination of image quality: 8x 10x 16x 20xHouse camera surveillance. Magnification: : Massager portable. 130 telescope. Tripod size: Prisms: Grads. Mason fellow. Lens material: 

Watch Mobile

87*22mm. Wholesale micro usb 3.0.otg adapter. 0-300km/h. Rubber for viewfinder. Wholesale thumb spicas. Fl2089. Wholesale windows&android tablets. Tape meter. 12x45. 11 * 7 * 7cm / 4.33 * 2.75 * 2.75in. 16 x 52 dual focus zoom optic lens 16x monocular telescope. Diameter: 21mm length. 

Powerful Led

Astronomy adapter. 12x50 monocular. Diffuser. Digital full hd microscop. Srate. Camera neck strap. 12.5x8x6cm/4.92x3.15x2.36in. Obervation/search and rescue/hunting/concert/match watching. Watch fishing. Reflector pvc. 600pro. Minimum aperture diameter: Cso universal connector adapter mount tripod bracket mount l holder. Led magnifying glass military. 1 pcsWholesale microscope polarized. 750mm. Fold down. 

Meter Ruler

Achromatic infinity objective lens. Burne. Astronomical telescope spotting scope. Laser level tools. S20/s30/s45/s70/s100. Enter the frequency: Metallurgical inverted microscope. Support glass. Wholesale  crystal. Usb binocularsDigital industrial camera5p9985. 118*54*26.5mm (4.65*2.13*1.05"). Glass lenses + stainless steel. Wide-angle eyepiece 10x, 16x. 4mm 6mm. 

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